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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cartier Precious Muse Jewelry Show

Cartier annual fine jewelry show will be on April 11, 2013,a period of four days,it is not only a major event of the jewelry industry,but also will show the unlimited creativity of Cartier and gorgeous works.The exhibition displays more than two hundred works, exhibits include fine jewelry, Cartier Tradition series and several new fine Secret Watch, rich in works,is worth waiting for.

This Cartier fine jewelry show will be Cartier Precious Muse as the theme,will be presented Cartier has been creating style, the collection of abundant creativity and enthusiasm; And since the history of Cartier these Muse, whether Louis Cartier, or Jeanne Toussaint, the Duchess of Windsor, María Félix,Daisy Fellowes or Gloria Swanson etc.era style character of the times,are precious treasures and important assets in the history of Cartier,also to ensure Cartier continues to glow.

Cartier Bangle
Cartier bracelet
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