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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bvlgari wedding rings

Bvlgari wedding rings have various setting, the gem shows rare beauty when it sets against the setting. These rings perfectly combine the finest gems and different kinds of cut,from the classic cutting to the most innovative design. Elegant eternal gems and innovative Bvlgari style blend as a whole.

The wedding ring as a love token, in addition to witness exchange of each other in the wedding day, but also wears in the future life, always accompanied, more need a to always reminder and memories of fall in love with beauty and heart. Behind each wedding ring, contains a touching love story, about the a romance love chapter.

Women always have an unspeakable feelings of the wedding ring, in the love world, it represents a divine declaration, while this token is small, its blooming light is enough to light up two of the people all the times,the years.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Sortilege de Cartier jewelry

Every year Cartier find a memorable feature city to hold a new series of preview event,and this year location is locked in Rome,Italian capital.

You may ask:"Why to choose Rome?"According to Chairman Mr. Bernard Fornas that Rome is a monumental city, she has a magical charm, with "Rome was not built in a day", that just as Cartier fine jewelry, to make the most perfect work, must not lack the capability, expertise and attention to detail and execution.

“Florals”,flowers are the material for perfume,purple Iris whether shape or aroma is unique attraction,to purple and pink sapphire flower ring,the curly petals spend many time to make.

"Eaux Fraiches", the flow of water clarity and beauty as a design theme, Aquamarine matches with Tahitian pearls and diamonds , so this gem bracelet such as water as soft beautiful.

"Heady Scents", spicy smell of perfume, with oriental charm. Rose Morgan jade as the main stone, with natural pearl and diamond to contrast of bracelet, the pearl fringe show non-normal flow dynamic.

"Citrus", the sweet citrus is a frequent for perfume, pear-shape tourmaline ring (left), and the opal earrings (right), shape design looks like pieces of orange.

Sortilege de Cartier series, inspired by perfume. Design Jacqueline Karachi-Langane refers to new works by different rare gems, and a variety of cutting process, emerged all kinds of perfume fodder, people can immediately think of different fragrance, both make yourself intoxicated, but also to attract people around.

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Cartier Ring

Friday, December 23, 2011

Cartier wedding rings

Marriage is once in lifetime,every detail if perfect,as first is a proposal ring,and  a representative of life the wedding ring.

Think of wedding ring, had mentioned one hundred years history of Cartier, over the years a number of the Prince and Princess have rings made to order, such as Prince Rainier and Grace. Kelly Princess, Duke of Windsor couples,etc. Ring style is simple or even complicated, are delicate and assured.As choose main diamond for wedding ring,through the strict international authentication,with 4C standards, the more unique Cartier 5C standard, whether clarity, cutting and color, must accord with the brand's higher requirements; And all kinds of design have different meaning such as Solitaire 1895 on behalf of eachother, Ballerine on behalf of deep love, D├ęclaration on behalf of bold confession . Such perfect wedding ring, for your happiness and long marriage added an infinite blessing!

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Cartier bracelet
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Cartier Ring

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chanel 2011 Camelia Brode series jewelry

Chanel 2011 Camelia Brode series jewelry,diamond-studded camellias, bow-shaped jewelry, bloomed in a black background, cold atmosphere is overflowing with luxurious light.

Chanel bangles and rings
Chanel necklace

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chopard Joaillerie series jewelry

In recent years, with the popularity of colored gemstones, each jewelry brand with wonderful artical excelling nature in production process, launchs thousands of forms, rich dream imagery works, and change irregularly color of colored gemstone makes jewelry masters have more space, creating rich layers of color jewelry. Recently, Chopard announced High jewelry Joaillerie series.

Joaillerie series shows incomparable mystery, and compact design enables it to match any clothing. This series of main shape of water drop earrings once again interprets the elegant droplets of the same myth.

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Chanel luxury jewelry Baroque Ring Collection

Chanel luxury jewelry Baroque Ring Collection,this series of rings use a variety of top gem material,design,craft are all show major suit field,no matter what the situation,just this one ring with no others is enough to make you momentum momentum threatening.