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Monday, December 26, 2011

Sortilege de Cartier jewelry

Every year Cartier find a memorable feature city to hold a new series of preview event,and this year location is locked in Rome,Italian capital.

You may ask:"Why to choose Rome?"According to Chairman Mr. Bernard Fornas that Rome is a monumental city, she has a magical charm, with "Rome was not built in a day", that just as Cartier fine jewelry, to make the most perfect work, must not lack the capability, expertise and attention to detail and execution.

“Florals”,flowers are the material for perfume,purple Iris whether shape or aroma is unique attraction,to purple and pink sapphire flower ring,the curly petals spend many time to make.

"Eaux Fraiches", the flow of water clarity and beauty as a design theme, Aquamarine matches with Tahitian pearls and diamonds , so this gem bracelet such as water as soft beautiful.

"Heady Scents", spicy smell of perfume, with oriental charm. Rose Morgan jade as the main stone, with natural pearl and diamond to contrast of bracelet, the pearl fringe show non-normal flow dynamic.

"Citrus", the sweet citrus is a frequent for perfume, pear-shape tourmaline ring (left), and the opal earrings (right), shape design looks like pieces of orange.

Sortilege de Cartier series, inspired by perfume. Design Jacqueline Karachi-Langane refers to new works by different rare gems, and a variety of cutting process, emerged all kinds of perfume fodder, people can immediately think of different fragrance, both make yourself intoxicated, but also to attract people around.

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