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Friday, July 26, 2013

Cartier style epic at the Grand Palais

December 4, 2013, Cartier Collection trip around the world will have a very important stop - the Grand Palais in Paris, France. The new exhibition period of three and a half months is by the Grand Palace Heritage Hall of Honor Chief Curator Laurent Salomé planed, will be "Cartier: style epic" as the theme, through the interpretation of Cartier's legendary history, to show rich artistic ideas and tastes of the times change. As with the flesh and blood of the city hall level brand, the return of the Paris exhibition will undoubtedly become a monument in Cartier Collection trip around the world.

Cartier brand awareness, perhaps to make people ignore this brand rich and colorful history. Indeed, Cartier in Art Deco history has played a pivotal role. Cartier design from classic to exotic combines geometric shapes and new art works are artistic taste and social etiquette change vivid proof. Cartier jewelry, clocks, watches and a variety of beautiful and practical objects, made in the 20th century's most rich taste of elegant people to admit defeat.

"Cartier: style epic" is an exhibition about the history of art. As a work of art, Cartier's creativity in the changing use and the evolution of style to be presented. Interpretation founded from 1847 to 1970 Cartier history provides us with an excellent opportunity, as if opening the door leading to the plastic arts laboratory,depth of this elegant and refined jewelry brand, discover that both intrinsic beauty and social functions jewelry and accessories.

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