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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Van Cleef &Arpels memory

Van Cleef & Arpels Marriage Contract Bracelet

In the 1930s, in order to marry the twice-divorced American Mrs. Simpson, was already heir to the throne Prince of Wales gave up the throne of the British Empire. Nobody knows this mystery Wallis how to stole the hearts of the king of England, and keep it fresh forever. We only know who abdicated to become the Duke of Windsor's former king, spend countless money for the most beautiful woman in his heart to acquire treasure pieces. He once gave his wife Van Cleef &Arpels full set of necklace, bracelet and brooch as a birthday gift. All are typical ruby, diamond and platinum production secret mosaic style. Duchess of Windsor brooch is Van Cleef &Arpels features: double leaves brooch. Red and sapphire leaves were equipped with diamond leaves, redolent of the natural flavor and taste of luxury. Nature flowers and trees, were Van Cleef &Arpels jewelery design inspiration. So Van Cleef &Arpels to the theme of flowers jewelry, from rings to brooches, from bracelets to necklaces, always with fresh natural without adding carving. Perhaps, these are also a little for everyone to unlock the mystery of mind, that is, in the minds of the duke of Windsor, what this woman represents. She let her prince only said to her: "I ??will never give up you, never regret.If let me choose again, I choose you." In the love he can't explain, perhaps this is the so-called predestined.

Many royal family story has become a withered page of history scrolls, gradually fades. But we all remember, there was a king, for love, to give up everything. And every piece of Van Cleef &Arpels jewelry, still with dazzling brilliance, constantly tells ......

Van Cleef &Arpels bracelet
Van Cleef &Arpels earring
Van Cleef &Arpels necklace
Van Cleef &Arpels ring 

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