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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Harry Winston diamonds necklaces

Since 1932, "the king of diamond" of Harry Winston never discontinuously capture the beauty of nature into eternal bright art. Harry Winston design team and mosaic craftsman carefully examine each a rare gems own features to explore the infinite possibility, show a series of jewelry, a symbol of Harry Winston to the world's most indispensable natural resources - water acme exploration; Design focuses on water and nature mutual reflect produced beautiful change, perfect deduce water rapidly changing color, rhythm and infinite view.

Van Cleef &Arpels bracelet
Van Cleef &Arpels earring
Van Cleef &Arpels necklace
Van Cleef &Arpels ring 
Bvlgari Bangle
Bvlgari Bracelet
Bvlgari Earring
Bvlgari Necklace
Bvlgari Ring
Chanel bracelet
Chanel earring
Chanel necklace
Chanel rings
Chanel watch
Cartier Bangle
Cartier bracelet
Cartier Earring
Cartier Necklace
cartier pendant
Cartier Ring
Tiffany bangles
Tiffany bracelets
Tiffany earrings
Tiffany necklaces
Tiffany pendants
Tiffany rings

Hermes jewelry
Chopard jewelry
D&G jewelry
Gucci jewelry
Juicy jewelry
Mont Blanc jewelry
Mont Blanc Pen


  1. I have been admiring these diamond stud necklaces all week! All of these jewellery is incredible.. but this first one blue color diamond necklace is the best!
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