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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tiffany Blue Book

       When Audrey Hepburn standing in front of the Tiffany windows, and looked inside for a long time in the movie. She saw more than just a classic wedding ring. She was looking the Blue Book (one of the most luxurious series in Tiffany jewelry family). Tiffany first launched Blue Book product catalog, it showed the most dazzling and beautiful luxury jewelry. It is created by company founder Charles·Luis·Tiffany, as a private communication with customers.
       The following picture is fantastic Majestic necklace, it is a most rare jewelry inspired by the luxury Royal.

       Jean Schlumberger is my favorite design series. It was copied in Blue Book, that is really wonderful. The following picture is "Bird on a Rock" brooch, it is the most attract-eyeball design. 

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