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Monday, October 29, 2012

Classical diamond rings witness romantic love

Only diamonds have such magic, for love to write a timeless romantic oath, appoint a a splendid future. When the one you love gives one bright diamond ring, no woman can refuse to this symbol of eternal promise. Below a few the most classic diamond rings,which one make heartbeat?

Cartier Love platinum ring

Marked by screw Cartier Love series ring is currently one of the world's most popular ring, enchase a round bright cutting central diamond, is Love most brilliant testimony.

Bvlgari Griffe ring

Ring with a classic pedestal style design, highlights classic nostalgic after time temper, and inlaids single brilliant-cut diamond, fully shows Bvlgari Griffe ring of elegant gorgeous.

Piaget Possession ring

This is an embracing contemporary style, signifying heart overflowing with impulse and touch of adore gaze, the desire of a diamond ring.Platinum material is fine polishing polished to contrast the bright diamond. Single diamond is emotional supreme ascent,in entral, a single row of diamonds signifying love the variety of flavors.

 Tiffanf Setting ring

Tiffany Setting ring is a classic insurmountable ring.Since 1886,for the first time in the market,this unique mosaic design has been reelected to the top sales.This ring has unspeakable endless charm, even Audrey Hepburn also falled in love,called it as the timeless classic.

Tiffany Grace ring

Unique and mysterious square diamond, each of the four corners represent love, beloved, cherished, love,sparkling light symbols of happiness flame. This is the "princess diamond" popular in the European continent, with the blessing of the Princess witness your love.

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