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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bvlgari Monete Series

    Tubogas bangle made up of yellow gold and white gold, decorated with three ancient coins, designed around 1975. Six 18K tubogas gold and  white gold coterminous belts constitute this flexible wide bangle by turns, laid three bronze coins of the Roman Empire in the middle.

   This gold and white gold necklace designed in 1973. Designer laid five antoninian silver coins of gordian Ⅲ (238-244), it were embedded in white gold diamond pattern octagonal framework, connected by a flat double-strand. 

    Gold necklace decorated with Greek bronze coins and diamond. This chain design necklace was created in 1978. Let 12 thurium (300 BC) connected in a V-shaped area with baguette diamond inlay. It can be divided into two parts necklace and bracelet, gold bracelet decorated with bronze coins and diamond of Roman Empire, inlaid the Constantinus coins in the middle, and baguette diamonds on both side gold hexagonal V-shaped areas. 

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