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Friday, October 26, 2012

Cartier short film "L’Odyssee de Cartier" appears on China screen again

Cartier short film "L’Odyssee de Cartier" to Panther for leading role,showing the brand 165 years adheres to the noble image and adventure.Following premieree in March this year in 18 countries around the world,"L'Odyssee de Cartier" will appeared again in China channels,reappearance Cartier Panther across Eurasia adventure.

"L'Odyssee de Cartier" directed by France director Bruno Aveillan,a collection of the world's top creative team takes two years of preparations for shooting, framing begins in Prague, travels to Spain,Italy  Dolomites,and Paris, India and other places, well-presented scene the fusion 3D animation majestic natural scenery. Original music video, created by famous arranger and performer Pierre Adenot and soundtrack. The protagonist is served by three real cheetah, interpretation of the symbol of the Cartier soul, the supermodel Shalom Harlow plays the mysterious beauty of appearance in the video at the end.

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