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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dior My Dior fine jewelry

Dior My Dior fine jewelry series is designer Victoire de Castellane inspiration work, has a unique significance, it's timeless and classic style, fresh and natural, elegant and refined. Rings, bracelets interwoven ribbon and thread into the design of the relief effect, embossing effect jewelry looks more sophisticated, the lost wax casting technology for products into the soul.

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  1. The Designer Fine Jewelry officially entered in DiorJoaillerie at Shanghai Plaza ladies' boutiques. By renowned designers VictoiredeCastellane design DiorJoaillerie fine jewelry since the first time in May 2006, Beijing, China, by jewelry lovers love. Senior jewelry series its DiorJaollerie break the traditional creative design and bold color gem combination, weaving a gorgeous gem world, this women's all about beauty dream begins with these jewelry open.