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Monday, May 28, 2012

Chanel Timeless Camellia jewelry

Seemingly simple and pure master pieces, it is the perfect elegant proof."-- Gabrielle Chanel
Monoecious and ambiguous meaning, the camellia has the image of a taboo flower, and reflects the the grade of maverick of Ms.Chanel.By this flower, she let herself look different, but also points out her unique.She crossed the temptation charm of etiquette practices. A symbolic revolution, to encourage women to invest in the liberation from traditional binding.
No fragrance and no thorns, simple and pure camellia attracted her.Compared with gorgeous rose, she loves camellia of more calm and restrained, and close to the circular geometry of the shape, and the petals of the perfect formation of the permutation order.
The white camellia has become a symbol of Chanel. Absolutely pure white, moving femininity.As appear in all of her creation, she wears it as a jewelry, let it shine on a sweater or little black dress eye-catching contrast accessories.

Presents a variety of different colors,a symbol of Chanel ,between Chanel jewelry closely connected.
As general obvious characteristics identification, camellia enough to represent the chanel spirit.
Ms.Chanel's favorite diamond carved into a wavy petals of the camellia,exceptionally shinny. Black and white diamonds are sometimes tied together to show the extreme contrast of light and shadow.
In the costume of the platinum or gold, the camellia is also the embodiment of colored gemstones, like countless immortal declaration.
"Yesterday a flower,today only a dream“, a poet to a statement of the camellia. A stunning miracle in Chanel embrace and praise rendered its timeless beauty.

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