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Monday, January 24, 2011

Louis Vuitton Emprise sereis rings(2)

Louis Vuitton Emprise sereis is designed by Marc Jacobs.Empreinte series inspired by Louis Vuitton rivets on the traditional suitcase. 

The Clous theme is inspired by the nails traditionally used on Louis Vuitton trunks.Perfect for every day,this slender white gold ring features one "nail" set with a pink sapphire and engraved with the Louis Vuitton signature.There is a pink sapphire attached on the prominent Louis Vuitton white gold.

The Empreinte theme subtly references the nails traditionally used on Louis Vuitton trunks. In white gold paved with pink sapphires, this ring takes on a precious, feminine look. The delicate little ring is a perfect decoration for ladies with stylish simplicity meeting shiny elegance. As a part of the Emprise collection, the 72 pink sapphires on white gold will manifest your luxurious temperament in low-profile.

The small white gold empreinte ring is encrusted with 72 diamonds. Bearing a subtle resemblance to the Louis Vuitton stud, it complements the Emprise collection. The main ring is made of 750 thousandths (18 kt) white gold and it usually comes in a mini-trunk box which enhances the elegant and noble sensation of it.

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