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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chanel 2011 top jewelry series (2)

In 1920,Ms Chanel first visited Venice to see Basilica di San Marco,Palazzo Ducale and Doge’s Palace.This stunning beauty,firmly attracted to her,so her creations always show an unparalleled luxury.And produced Secrets d’Orients top jewelry series.

In this dazzling colors Secrets d'Orients top jewelry series, Venice, Byzantium, Samarkand, Isfahan ... ... filled with all kinds of oriental styles in bright colors of stones.Bluish violet of sapphire,pink of tourmaline,interweave with scarlet of garnet;emerald bright red reflect and perfect fuse.Bright of diamond cross with pale of pearl,mapping an exciting fluorescent color.

Vénitienne series:All kinds of sapphire with 18K white diamonds

Coupoles series:red tourmaline,pink tourmaline,garnet,citrine,Japan Akoya pearl and diamonds

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