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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cartier love scene themed jewelry (1)

Cartier opens the wonderful world trip to four unique love scene: outspoken urban scenes, gorgeous prosperous scenes, fecund sun scene and ice norland scene. Four different types of beautiful scenery have bloomed in Cartier jewelry kingdom.

Urban scene: perpetual motion of modern beauty

Cartier fine jewelry draws on the beauty of the architecture and geometry, light and shadow game between curves compact, shiny - straightforward, clear, perfect shape just right. The journey began in coverall modern city, in the the artwork simple shape contains complicated design and superb craftsmanship. Thanks to the high-end technology, ancient craft able to subvert and the sublimation bring pleasant surprises.

Sun scene:lush blossom

Sun, is the beginning of all things,sweet love is like the sun warm as eternal.In Cartier Sun scene, the golden color everywhere hit. Protean sunshine shines Cartier peerless works, circular, concentric shape, soft and flexible and reflect the arc beautiful, ever-changing light and shadow game, the pattern becomes blurred, as if a mirage out of thin air bloom, let a person see more waiting, spinning around.

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