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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cartier love scene themed jewelry (2)

Cartier opens the wonderful world trip to four unique love scene: outspoken urban scenes, gorgeous prosperous scenes, fecund sun scene and ice northland scene. Four different types of beautiful scenery have bloomed in Cartier jewelry kingdom.

Prosperous scene:sensory temptation

As if the Eve and Adam steal forbidden fruit of mysterious garden, colorful, winding streets. Colorful Cartier works of art in a variety of styles, turned into the ever-changing three-dimensional shape. Cartier has always been beloved the natural animal theme works abundant - birds, cheetah, snakes and other vitality. Dazzling diamonds as if a piece of burning fuse to place, light up all the prosperous.

Northland scene:dream aurora

Aurora split northland sky,from the cold polar circle of inspiration are endless. Landscape such as engraved, like snow crystal, light and delicate.The white snow world,Cartier animal kingdom ushered in the new members: polar bears, tigers, emperor penguins, snow and frost contrast with the snow-white material, transformed into exceptionally elegant eye-catching treasure.

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