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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tiffany Keys series

Tiffany Keys series was inspired by the "key" of Tiffany & Co. collection treasures. Tiffany Keys series design is not limited to one type, traditional "key" in a new interpretation: Medals shape, indicates that the confidence and commitment of the other side of success is reached; romantic heart-shaped keys, like to maintain the mystery of love and faithful; poetic flower-shaped "key" full feminine beauty; In addition there are three luxurious key series to choose from, including 18K platinum diamonds black enamel key, grid pattern blue enamel key, octagonal shape blue and green enamel key. Whether worn alone or layered with, Tiffany Keys can show its inherent fashion, as secret keeper, it will not only allow you to understand and have aspirations, full of imagination, you wander in endless the romantic mood.

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