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Monday, April 22, 2013

Chanel Jardin de Camelias Collection

Camellia is symbol of pure and longevity,superior soft temperament is obsessed by Ms. Chanel.Since 1923, Ms. Chanel added this important element into her design style, whether decorate the chest, as hair ornaments, the Set button pattern or embroidery and lace pattern, camellia has become a well-known symbol of Chanel.
Today, Chanel fine jewelry in extraordinary creativity and ultimate technology deduces blooming rare camellias,with diamonds,gemstones and pearls creates exquisite camellia garden.Necklaces,earrings,bracelets,bangles,jewelry watches,brooches and rings,in the same theme are variation of the colorful Chanel fantasy world.

Chanel bracelet
Chanel brooches
Chanel earring
Chanel necklace
Chanel rings
Chanel watch

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