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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cartier classic technology

Hundred years Cartier master with generation top technology,design style of beyond the age and aesthetic value heighten the reputation.

Cartier Cheetah bangle production,design sketches carved wax mold and draw precious stones inlaid location.

Each Cartier high jewelry craftsman is brand precious treasures: Cartier jewelry workshop of craftsmen of each card, hall-class brands in the most precious treasures: with more than a decade of experience, and the rare gem unique and highly artistic understanding; in the inheritance of the traditional French jewelry craftsmanship,they continued to achieve a unique design innovation skills to breathe life into the gem,so that Cartier stunning works make the world go around.

With the maximum extent to show diamond beauty is the masterjpiece of the masters:hard metal platnum minutely coated each diamond to achieve the solid without dropping and affecting diamond,refecting the light texture is  breathtaking.The samll edge which inlaid diamonds is polised by sharpened goose infarction,these interesting tools are from  the heritage of Cartier ancient crafts. 

On the basis of inheriting traditional handicraft,jewelry artisans also continuous research and development new skill with innovative design,generation and development of handicraft made Cartier unique style.

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