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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hermes 2012 spring summer jewelry

Hermes 2012 spring summer jewelry has simple and fluent line, highlight the exquisite and elegant beauty, showing low-key luxury.

Extra large silver bracelet: chain design break with its usual flexibility implication, present another new look. As if they were stopped at the moment of dynamic, it natural grace in precious metal solidification, become a hale sexy bracelet, "chains" wrist .

Epsom calfskin bracelet: a new interpretation of style in 1971, a mini clous de Paris is a response to Collier de chien bracelet. The unique shape of the buckle, then on a horse with design of loops.

Enamel and lacquer bracelet: this series has various styles, including the new oversized version of the enamel bracelets, summer fresh colors are even more brilliant luster. Prints inspired by the classic design of the Hermes: "Optique Cha?ne d'ancre", "Point d'orgue" and ""Rubans de cheval".

DIP DYE enamel bracelet: dark colors collocation makes this kind of "Optique Chaine d" ancre "bracelet gain a depth dyeing effect. New deep purple edge build tonal stack, simple and modern.

Natural leather with silver extra large bracelet: elegant natural belt through large size of the silver clasp outline, let people immediately think of Hermes has a long history with the material: metal and leather.

Crystal bracelet: a new masterpiece of Hermes fashion accessories. Colorless and dark gray glossy Saint Louis crystal is carved into the pyramid-shaped rivets shape, embedded in the plated with platinum or gold, silver bracelet. Shape of seamless, perfectly smooth.

Extra large ring: this ring has quite a sense of weight, "Collier de Chien" rivets proudly show "Russia type cutting" 24 gloss, which lead to infinite reveries. After the manual carefully polished,this ring shine brilliance.

Silver cuff: the the cufflinks series of new styles and perfect for the men's and women's jewelry series.

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