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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tiffany Enchant series jewelry

This year is Tiffany the 175 anniversary of brand building,Tiffany Enchant series is Tiffany new works for the anniversary.

The Enchant series is from Tiffany to create gorgeous jewelry tradition of natural inspiration.19th century excelsior symmetrical pattern in traditional garden gate is the most important source of inspiration for Enchant,white and colored diamonds create elegant curly line,to show the nature of the vigorous vitality.Swirl pattern pendant,earrings and bangle in platinum and 18k rose gold inlaid with hand-cut top white diamonds crafted to make a garden luxury beauty.Pink diamond inlaid to butterfly perched on the key-shape pendant,fine inlaid white diamonds surrounded Tiffany yellow diamond,precious colored diamond gives Enchant series the beauty of nature.

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