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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Montblanc Melodies Precieuses collection

Montblanc Melodies Precieuses collection of five series fine jewelry,made of precious platinum and diamonds.

Première Rencontre series
Première Rencontre diamonds are dazzling,each star of necklace is strung by 301 diamonds (10.54 carats),rings and earrings are almost exactly the same, unique design, highlight the timeless beauty of the top diamond, Montblanc exquisite gems process do in them.

Coeur à coeur series
Jules Massenet opera tells process of life and the power of love,Coeur à coeur series expresses love to make life more abundantly;platinum necklace of round diamond with heart-shaped diamonds interphase arrangement,central inlaid a perfect sparkling diamond,very elegant,a symbol of love fire;earrings with heart-shaped diamonds and star diamonds inlay,eulogize love and life.

Nuits d’été series
Nuits d'été series,with music masters Berlioz's the romantic movement for inspiration,deduce hot summer of sunset shasow:18K white gold bracelet,ring and earrings inlaid flashing diamonds and glistening black spinels,a strong contrast shows day and night obvious relative meaning;Montblanc star diamond in the intersection of the day and night,pure artistic touch, highlighting the extraordinary worth.

Hymne à l’amour series 
Montblanc Hymne à l'amour series, paid tribute to the immortal love songs of the French singer Edith Piaf: 18k platinum bracelet and ring central inlaid a row of black spinelon both sides of the flashing diamonds, black-and-white duet, a symbol of the climax lap oscillation warm feeling. Circular pendant of necklace is not only continuation of a two-color contrast, but also a symbol of the cycle lasting love.

A Petits Pas series
Puccini's "Madame Butterfly" resound generations,is the legendary of classical opera. Montblanc captures inspiration from it,creating A Petits Pas series,a symbol of the charm of the young geisha.

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