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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cartier antique jewelry

In general, the definition of antique items must be more than a hundred years; antique jewelry, mostly jewelry boutique is the century between 1850 to 1950. Sometimes, the works of the 1960s had a new spirit of the times, but also inherited a past style, so it was classed as antique jewelry. In different periods of antique jewelry design, also recorded the changes in society and the development of production technology, in particular, Art Deco period jewelry was the record of an era.

Cartier Turkey diamond necklace in 1955

Cartier Diamond Platinum necklace in 1932

Cartier Kirin bracelet in 1928

Cartier Sapphire watch in 1940

Cartier Dragonfly brooch in 1953

Cartier crown in 1936

Cartier Bangle
Cartier bracelet
Cartier Earring
Cartier Necklace
cartier pendant
Cartier Ring

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