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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cartier glorious legend (1)

Cartier is known as the "king of jewelers" of fine jewelry brand,has been all over the world of royal to create a masterpiece crown, here are the crown jewels of Cartier design,review the aesthetic value of the Cartier crowns, and Cartier as royal jeweler glorious legend.

Aga Khan III Crown

Begum Andree Quee

Aga Khan III's wife Begum Andree Queen is wearing Cartier diamonds with platinum crown,designed in 1934.

Later, the Crown is becoming a trend. Famous female designer has very perception about it, from Worth to Paquin, they combine elegant hair style and noble crown. Cartier designed a variety of gorgeous crown.
Cartier diamonds with black steel crown 
Cartier made this black steel crown in 1914.Steel sets off 13 diamonds,and inlaid with rubies.Red, white, black formed a distinct contrast.

Cartier Crown
In 1919,before the White Art Deco Style appeared,Cartier has created another crown,its leaf pattern is difficult to identify,more abstract, closer to a concept.

Cartier Persia Crown

In the 1930s,influenced by Russian ballet and oriental miniature models,to show off the diamonds egrets hair and rare feather headdress appeared in Persian party.Cartier in 1936 in London made Persian crown,without fine diamonds geometric designs,but set a row of hard blue original gem.
Cartier Sarpeck Crown

In 1937, driven by a variety of inspiration, Cartier made a Sarpeck Crown for the Indian maharaja, which is a kind of turban ornament,with"tiger's eye"stone decorated, one weighing 61.55 ca amber.

Cartier Bangle
Cartier bracelet
Cartier Earring
Cartier Necklace
cartier pendant
Cartier Ring

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