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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pomellato 2012 art advertisement

Pomellato adheres to the brand unique,subversive and avant-garde aesthetic attitude,once again bold attempt, three times collaborates with the British movie stars Tilda Swinton, and inviting the arts recognized the genius photographer Jeff Burton shot for 2012 art advertisement.

The new advertising ideas present in five special portraits, showing the Tilda modern feminine charm, and in particular the using of light and shadow effect deepens her unique beauty. 

The blue of the sky is theme tonal. Blue sets off blue topaz of a Nudo series and Bahia series jewelery, or with the Capri series of necklaces and rings of turquoise, or filled with full of love secret language of M'ama non M'ama Series ring or interwoven with the the Tango bracelet and Victoria series earrings collision.

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