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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tiffany luxury jewelry of 175 anniversary

2012 is Tiffany born 175 anniversary, Tiffany introduced a new series of luxury jewelry, to pay tribute to the 175th anniversary of the history.In the new series of luxury jewelry, first discovered by Tiffany and introduced to the jewelry design world of colored gemstones, with the highest quality diamonds, precious and rare colored diamonds,jointly interpret into fascinating jewelry works.

Clear pure Tanzanite, green gaudy Tsavorite, transparent pink Morganite...these beautiful colored gemstones, were by Tiffany introduced the fine jewelry industry.

Tanzanite is the first transparent blue gem unearthed in recent centuries, found in Tanzania, Kilimanjaro foothill. Tiffany with its country of origin Tanzania named for this gem,its deep blue and the purple scenery was inconceivable.

Another gem produced in Africa by Tiffany introduced in 1974.It found near the border of Kenya and Tanzania Tsavo National Park.Henry B. Platt, president of Tiffany named it Tsavorite.


  1. After completing their 175 years in jewelry industry ,Tiffany has become a legend and a name in itself. Their quality, their designs, their craftsmanship is unbeatable. That fineness shown in their work cannot be compared.
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