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Monday, July 2, 2012

5 unforgettable necklaces

Today introduce 5 wonderful valuable necklaces.

Julia necklace is Boucheron and award-winning jewelry designer Marc Newson cooperation introduced a fractal geometry jewelry. The necklace is from the 2000 selection of Diamonds and Sapphire with the most representative of mathematical discovery "Julia Set Julia fractal structure" of Gaston Julia, the father of fractal geometry, for the inspiration, takes 1500 hours to make.

This work represents the elegant Bvlgari style. Gorgeous sapphire diamond necklace with its subtle changes of color and harmonious gem collocation is stirring: 169 different shapes, different colors of sapphires weighing a total of 400 karats, at the same time ornaments the 951 brilliant cut diamonds. This luxurious necklace reminiscent of the ancient Egyptian nceklace.

35 people team of Graff with a long struggle, weighing 603 carats of original stone cut into 26 0.5 kt to 76 kt different shapes of diamonds, with a total weight of 223.35 kt.

Piaget Limelight Paradise necklace,inspired by the lagoon,18K white gold set with 280 round diamonds (weighing 30.14 karats), the central sets three diamonds(weighing 2.70 kt),3 oval cutting aquamarine (weighing 14.86 karats), one emerald cutting green tourmaline (weighing 24.13 karats),one oval cutting green tourmaline (weighing 61.23 karats), one teardrop-shaped cutting greentourmaline (weighing about 9.36 kt).

Van Cleef & Arpels Vicomte necklace as French garden inspired, with three rows of sapphire beads, while the middle of the diamond pendant is a symbol of the water fountain,two pear-shaped sapphire diamond more than 8.27 karats. 211 sapphire beads weighing about 450 kt.

Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry
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Cartier Necklace
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  1. Thanks for posting many of her most beautiful pieces in one place for all of us to gawk at. Simply stunning!
    Diamonds NYC