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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mont Blanc ladies' fine jewelry

Mont Blanc 2012 new fine jewelry
Inadvertently revealing the charm,rigorous convey luxury: Mont Blanc confidently launches new 4810 series of fine jewelry, inspired by the highest mountain in Europe --- Mont Blanc,praise age women!

Yesterday fine-sounding words,today promised to each other,tenderness, and more firm.Vowed,more action.Mont Blanc handpicked star-shape gems,collected from the depths of your heart,to make Star series ring,bearing in mind the precious love with each other.

This is Naturelle series,has soft line,simple details and the inside of the Montblanc logo perfectly echo,low-key beauty takes women's hearts.Mont Blanc is full of the sense of contrast to the symbol of the era of women's multiple personality.

Pink garnet for love crowned,carnelian cheers for the self-confidence,Mont Blanc Cabochon rings,combine the original cutting technology and interesting design perfectly,different gemstones has its own meaning,telling its own beautiful little story.

Do you still remember in childhood make a samll wish under the starry sky?Mont Blanc launched new Star Wish bangle,the graceful lines of the metamorphosis of hexagonal white star winding your wrist,like the infinite universe, surrounded the best wish in your heart.

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