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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Body painting of the creation of jewelry

Whether the jewelry campaign or fashion magazine jewelry special,cannot do without genuine luxury jewelry,but two from London,UK illustrators Madeline Griffiths and Bryony Fripp painted in the body to create a groupu nique jewelry campaign.

Madeline Griffiths and Bryony Fripp body painting studio, called "In Your Dreams", in this group of works for the jewelry as the theme, they drawn various shapes of gorgeous jewelery in the model's body, the selected jewelery are many works of fine jewelry from Van Cleef &Arpels,Chanel and other brands. If you're tired of these "jewelries", as long as they can be washed away.Madeline Griffiths and Bryony Fripp rich creativity and the feminine feel of the works, do you like?

Van Cleef &Arpels bracelet
Van Cleef &Arpels earring
Van Cleef &Arpels necklace
Van Cleef &Arpels ring
Chanel bracelet
Chanel earring
Chanel necklace
Chanel rings
Chanel watch

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